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Kate Stafford

Kate Stafford
Senior Property Manager
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Keith & Patricia W. (Malvern) 22/01/2016
Kate Stafford has been an effective and efficient manager whose communication skills have been outstanding-via email, text, phone calls and personal dialogue.We purchased the property via Thomsons in 1998, and we have had excellent services from a variety of property managers during this time, however, Kate has the interpersonal skills that has 'set her apart'. We have worked overseas for the past 26 years and have relied on Kate to 'help us make the best decisions' regarding tenants, maintenance, capital improvement and rental returns. Kate has that unique ability to 'balance both the landlords and tenants' requests and has ensured that we have continued to have reliable tenants who meet all our expectations.We were delighted to know that Kate was returning from maternity leave to continue managing our property and her expediency in resolving situations and 'going that extra mile' to assist has been noted and appreciated. I have hired hundreds of personnel in my career overseas, but can assure you that Kate has all the necessary interpersonal skills and diplomatic manner that gives great upper level credibility to your agency.Using the KPI evaluation and performance indicators that I have used to appraise my staff over the years and cross-referencing with Kate's performance over many years, she rates at the highest level. We have now retired back to Australia and and we conclude with the highest possible commendation for Kate.