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Selling in cold months
Cold comfort: How to prepare your house to sell in winter

The property market still has plenty of heat in it, even though the months grow colder. Melbourne has experienced a solid increase of 11 percent in the past year, particularly at the prestige end, with high clearances. Here are some tips on how to best prepare your property for a sale in the colder months:

1. Make sure the house is warm – also check the heating works and be prepared to add extra heat

2. Create a cosy, inviting atmosphere – light a fire; add woolly blankets and cushions to beds, couches; scent with baking aromas

3. Let in as much light as possible – prune trees, clean windows, open curtains

4. Use mirrors to lighten rooms

5. Maximise artificial lighting to remove any dark corners

6. Clean up the garden, mow the lawn

7. Enlist a stylist to add warmth, colour and homeliness

8. Repaint, where necessary, to add brightness

9. Hold inspections when the sun is at its peak or in the evening if it’s better

10. Check everything’s in good repair

Happy selling!!

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