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Preparing for rental success!

At Thomson we make it our priority to ensure your move is as hassle free as possible. Finding your ideal rental property isn’t impossible, but it does take time and effort. You can increase your chances of success by implementing a few “common sense” tactics and being prepared in advance for the necessary documentation. We recommend the following tips:

Research and preparation

When starting your search, it goes without saying that you will want to know about the area you are looking to live in. Does it have good access to public transport? Are there schools nearby? Is there a shopping or café strip? Your local agent should be able to help familiarise you with a new location.

Prepare your paperwork

Some areas can be competitive for tenants so it pays to be one step ahead and have all your paperwork ready for a tenancy application, preferably at the time of the open for inspection or “walk through”. This would normally include 100 points of identification, past references and proof of income. Add good presentation and a friendly smile and you are already in front!

Tenancy Agreement

It is important to understand that when signing a tenancy agreement you are entering into a legally binding agreement.  Take the time to carefully read and understand all conditions of the tenancy agreement before you sign.  If you do not understand any of the conditions don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Condition Reports

The condition report is an important document. This report notes the general condition of the premises, including fittings and fixtures. The landlord or agent must give two copies of the signed condition report to the tenant before the tenant occupies the premises.

The tenant must fill out and return the condition report to the landlord or agent within three business days of moving in. It is important that you take the time to accurately complete this report to minimise disputes at the end of the tenancy.  To further reduce disputes at the end of the tenancy you may wish to take photos of the property.

And remember, the Team at Thomson is always there in case you need any further assistance!

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