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Storage that fits your lifestyle

Hands up how many people have looked in their wardrobe recently and thought: “I can’t find anything!”

One of the greatest challenges of the modern home is not necessarily having enough storage, it’s having the right storage – storage that is fit for purpose and matches your lifestyle.

If you are looking at redesigning your wardrobe or having new built-in “his and her” robes made, here are a few tips:

Before you start to plan built-in-robe, you must understand its purpose In other words, what do you intend to store in it?  Once you have a clear list, you will find it easier to understand how to plan internal layout. It doesn’t matter how attractive or symmetrical a wardrobe looks from the outside if it doesn’t function well on the inside!

Wardrobes for women 

  • Select which of clothes can be stored folded, and which of them are required to hang.
  • Where will you store coats and dresses?
  • Are they are long or short?
  • How many bags and pairs of shoes do you own?
  • Shallow drawers are a good option for delicate laundry storage, but do not forget the deeper drawers that are suitable for socks and folding clothes.
  • Pull-out tie holder in a woman’s closet can serve as a long necklace storage.
  • Use boxes and bags. Take photos of your stuff and stick on them. This way you will always maintain order and will be able to quickly and easily find everything.

Wardrobes for men

  • Suits, shirts, jackets, shirts, pants, and coats all need to stored on hangers. Don’t be stingy in allowing space for air to circulate between items.
  • Sportswear, jumpers, t-shirts and shorts can be folded and stored on shelves or pull-out baskets. 
  • Consider providing hangers, shelves and accessories like shoe rods, wire baskets, and drawers.
  • Ties and belts can be stored in drawers with separators.
    If you have limited space, then you can use special hanger for belts or use pull-out tie holder for both ties and belts.

Finally, if you can afford to build floor to ceiling robes, why not use the hard-to-reach upper cupboards for storage of those once-a-year items: Christmas decorations, large suitcases and old tax or business files. 

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