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Thinking of moving this summer?? Preparing is the key to having a stress-free move!

January is traditionally one of the busiest months for people searching for a rental property. But with all work that goes into packing and unpacking, it’s little wonder that some consider moving as one of the most stressful life events

The thought of moving boxes and furniture can seem like an arduous task for some, but the secret is all in the planning to ensure a smooth transition from old to new. Here are some tips on how to prepare your next move:

• DE-CLUTTER BEFORE YOU MOVE: Get rid of all your junk to reduce moving time. Sell unwanted items online, have a garage sale, or donate things to charity. The rule of thumb is — if you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s time to give it away

• PACE YOURSELF: Start packing items you don’t use regularly, like out-of-season clothes and the good set of dishes a few weeks ahead of moving day. This will make the whole task seem more palatable closer to the day

• PACK FIRST NIGHT SURVIVAL KIT: Fill a bag with key necessities such as toothpaste, tea and coffee, snacks, soap and a change of clothes for the following day so you’re not rummaging through boxes to find things once you’ve moved

• LABEL YOUR BOXES CLEARLY AND FILL THEM LOGICALLY: Record what’s in the box, where it’s meant to go and whether there’s anything fragile in it. Fill boxes by the items that will end up together in the new house.

• ACCEPT HELP: Consider hiring a removalist to help you relocate and unpack at the other end if you can afford to. Don’t be afraid to take up any offers of help from family and friends.

• GET YOUR INSURANCE UP-TO-DATE: Check with your insurer to make sure you’re covered for before moving. Most policies will cover the old place and the new for a short time while you move

• UPDATE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS & REDIRECT MAIL: Get in touch with utility companies well in advance so you have running water, electricity and gas when you move. Redirect mail and advise necessary authorities of your change of address. If you do receive redirected mail, make a note to update your address with that sender.

• PACK CHILDREN’S ITEMS LAST: If you have toddlers or young children, leave packing their room until last. Many children have an emotional attachment to their belongings — especially toys — and may not understand what’s happening, causing unnecessary distress.

• CONSIDER YOUR PETS WHEN MOVING: Like children, dogs and cats can get confused about moving into new surroundings. Ensure their favourite toy or blanket come with them and most importantly, ease them into new their environment one room at a time.

• THINGS WON’T ALWAYS GO TO PLAN: No matter the size, a house move takes a lot of time and effort and things will come up that you didn’t expect. Stay positive, and reward yourself with a nice family dinner or day out to celebrate afterwards.

                                                                Source: Herald Sun Real Estate, Jan 09, 2015

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