Tenant Services

Tenant Services

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Looking for a rental property

Rental lists are available from all offices and are updated weekly.

Viewing available properties can be done via key deposit, private appointment or open for inspections.

If you are interested in a property, you will need to fill in an application form and provide appropriate supporting documentation. A decision normally takes between 24 and 48 hours and is at the absolute discretion of the landlord.

Thomson ensures that all applications are processed and submitted for consideration. Visit our rental listings page to view our available rental property.


Upon signing of the lease, your Bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority where it will be held in trust for the duration of your lease. A Bond is held as a security deposit against any damage or undue wear and tear.

Once you vacate the property an inspection will be conducted by your Property Manager. Provided the property report coincides with the original Condition Report (allowing for fair wear and tear), then you will be asked to fill in a Bond Claim Form to retrieve your bond from the RTBA. Please note that this process can take up to 10 business days.

It is against the Residential Tenancies Act to use your Bond as a substitute for the last months' rent.

Rental Payments

Please contact your Property Manager immediately if you cannot make a rental payment in time. You will be provided with a Rent Card, BPAY facility or Rental Rewards Card dependent upon which office of Thomson you are renting through.


It is the tenant's responsibility to insure personal possessions against any loss, damage or theft. We are happy to assist you with any insurance issues.


Upon the commencement of your lease, your Property Manager will complete an inspection and full Condition Report; you will be given the opportunity to check this and add to it prior to moving into the property.

This is the report we refer to at the end of the tenancy. It is therefore in your best interest to read through the Condition Report and Tenancy Agreement thoroughly and ensure you retain a copy in a safe place. Regular inspections will also be conducted by our Property Management staff during the tenancy period.

You will be contacted in advance to arrange a mutually agreeable time.


It is advised that you provide a duplicate key to Thomson for emergency purposes.

It is the tenant's responsibility to ensure that the duplicate key we have is current. Duplicate keys may be borrowed during normal business hours and must be returned by close of business on the same day.

Keys will only be given to those providing suitable identification. You should therefore organise to leave a spare key with a friend or relative in case you should lose your keys or lock yourself out.

Maintenance and Repair Requests

All maintenance requests must be made in writing. You may do this on-line via e-mail, or via fax using the request forms provided in your Tenancy kit. Phone requests will only be accepted in an extreme emergency.

Where possible, we aim to attend to requests immediately, however in some instances we are required to obtain quotes and Landlord approval, in which case there may be a short delay. It is the tenant's responsibility to provide access and keep appointments with tradesmen.

Maintenance of gardens/grounds is the responsibility of the tenant. Please ensure that the grass is kept cut, that excess paper and rubbish is removed and, were appropriate, excess furniture/possessions are not stored on balconies or verandahs.


Tenants are responsible for utility connections and ensuring accounts are in the correct names. You are required to arrange to have a meter reading prior to vacating the property.

Terminating your Tenancy Agreement

As your Residential Tenancy Agreement is legally binding document between you and your Landlord, there are legal obligations for both parties in regard to lease termination.

If you wish to terminate your tenancy after the lease agreement has expired, you must give 28 days notice in writing prior to vacating. If your tenancy agreement is still current and you wish to vacate, you are breaking your lease.

This means you are responsible for meeting rental payments until a suitable replacement tenant is found or until the expiration of the lease, whichever is sooner. You will also be responsible for advertising costs, the letting fee and GST.

Contact your Property Manager immediately if you decide to terminate your tenancy and find out exactly what your obligations are.

Tenant Induction Videos

At Thomson we understand the complexities of property management which is why we strive to provide the best and most up-to-date information for our tenants at all times. To make it easier and more convenient to access all the pertinent information concerning any steps in the tenancy process, we have bundled the necessary information in a series of videos for you which you can watch in your time and at any time. Each video is designed to take you through a specific process and explains landlords, agents and your role. We hope that you will find these videos informative and helpful to make your tenancy with us easy and stress-free.

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